* Place Bets Before the Match Takes Place on 2 March 2019

//* Place Bets Before the Match Takes Place on 2 March 2019

* Place Bets Before the Match Takes Place on 2 March 2019

Your First Matched Bet

Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Make Some Easy Money

Step 1 – Fund Your Accounts

Deposit a total of £35 that will turn into about £50 🙂


Open a Betfair Account and Deposit £10

Click Here to go to Betfair


Open a SkyBet Account and Deposit £5

Click Here to go to Skybet

Make sure that the offer is bet £5 get £20 free bet.


Open a Smarkets Account and Deposit £20

Click Here to go to Smarkets

* Sign up for accounts using the links above to get the best deals and help me to keep these updates available for free.

Step 2 – Place Your £5 Bets on the Match Below

West Ham vs Newcastle (English Premier League)

5.30pm – Saturday, 2 March 2019

Back Bet

West Ham

Place a £5 bet with SkyBet on West Ham to win

Lay Bet

West Ham

Place a £5 lay bet with Betfair Bet Exchange on West Ham to not win

Click the pink button to place a lay bet

* Above – You place this first set of bets so we can get access to the £20 free bets from Skybet. Whatever the outcome, one of our bet wins and we only lose a small amount (About £0.30) known as the “Acceptable Loss” to get these free bets that make us a much bigger profit in our next set of bets below. Aim to place your bets on Friday or Saturday.

Congratulations on placing your first bets!

As soon as the match finishes, you will have won 1 out of the 2 bets that you placed. To see which bet won, you can check the results of the game by searching on Google or alternatively you can simply log back into each of your betting accounts and see which one has money in.

Note that you can genuinely make over £10,000 tax-free each year by doing matched betting in your spare time, but at this stage, we do this bet so that you can prove to yourself and friends that matched betting is a genuine opportunity.

As soon as you have your free bets in your account, after the match has taken place then place the bets below to turn them into money:

Step 3 – Place Your 2 x £10 Free Bets on the Match Below

Watford vs Leicester (English Premier League)

12pm – Sunday, 3 March 2019

Back Bet


Use both of your 2 x £10 free bets at SkyBet on Watford to win

Lay Bet


Place an £11 lay bet with Smarkets Bet Exchange on Watford to not win

Click the blue button to place a lay bet.

* Above – By covering all possible outcomes of this football match with Smarkets and SkyBet’s Free Bets, we make around £10 profit. Plus if your Smarkets bet loses then you get £10 from them, making a total of about £20 profit. Overall you would have started with £35 and you’ll end up with about £45 to £55.

Congratulations on Turning Free Bets into Money!

Now that you have made your first profits, you will be very happy to know that there are literally £10,000’s worth of offers like this given out every year from online bookmakers just waiting for you to turn into money. Click the button below and learn how YOU can start earning a genuine second tax-free income from matched betting.

Click Here to Learn How to Start Making Over £10,000 tax-free each year

Important note – I HIGHLY recommend to open up a FREE Account with these guys and they will give you a more detailed walkthrough of how matched betting works so you can then confidently place the above bets and sign up your accounts with my links on this page. Then when you are ready to take it to a whole other level and hit 5 figures profit each year, then join the mastermind!

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