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Affiliate Marketing – Make Money While You Sleep

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn uncapped commissions from the internet. You can basically promote other people’s things online via a unique tracking link called an affiliate link. If someone clicks on your affiliate link and goes on to purchase then you get paid a % of the sale.

I started affiliate marketing in around the year 2005 and I love it! I started making a full time living from it in 2008 after attending a live event (Highly recommend!). Here are some of the things that you can promote online as an affiliate:

  • Anything that is sold on Amazon: You earn roughly 1-5% revenue share, depending on the item
  • Digital products like eBooks and membership sites: You can earn a higher % on these
  • Pretty much anything that is sold online and has an affiliate program

Who’s it for?

  • Anyone in the world with access to the internet

  • People who like the idea of earning a % commission by simply referring traffic to an offer and getting paid for that referral.

  • If you like the idea of working from anywhere in the world and getting paid % commissions while you sleep


  • Very low start-up costs compared to a franchise business

  • Can work from anywhere, anytime unlike traditional businesses on the high street

  • Uncapped earning potential

  • When promoting membership sites and monthly services you can get paid a % commission EVERY MONTH from just referring the customer once

  • You can earn passive income. Promote once and get paid for life.

  • You can just focus on sending visitors to offers

  • You don’t have to worry about things like customer support, updating your products, delivering the products, taking payments, coding shopping carts, etc. etc. etc

  • You can have more free time to spend how you like.

  • You can have more time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom.


  • There is lots of bad advice out there on the internet. Just follow the advice on this website from my 10+ years experience and you will save a lot of time, money and pain! My advice is to start making money from matched betting and then come to a live event. Don’t waste time trying to only learn affiliate marketing online. I spent 3 years from 2005-2008 trying it this way and in October 2008 I went to a live event and made more in the following 4 months than the previous 3 years. This was largely thanks to meeting real people who were making real money from affiliate marketing.

  • Like anything, it takes time to learn a new skill. The best advice is to come to live events to learn and meet real people who are living this lifestyle.

  • You need to have a plan to fill your free time once your passive income grows large enough that you don’t have to worry about working anymore 😉

  • Trying to explain to people at social events (Especially weddings) what you do for a living can be frustrating.